Efficient and safe battery charge control is an important prerequisite for large-scale deployment of clean energy systems. This paper proposes an innovative approach to devising optimally health-conscious fast-safe charge protocols. A multi-objective optimal control problem is mathematically formulated via a coupled electro-thermal-aging battery model, where electrical and aging sub-models depend upon the core temperature captured by a two-state thermal sub-model. The Legendre-Gauss-Radau (LGR) pseudo-spectral method with adaptive multi-mesh-interval collocation is employed to solve the resulting highly nonlinear six-state optimal control problem. Charge time and health degradation are therefore optimally traded off, subject to both electrical and thermal constraints. Minimum-time, minimum-aging, and balanced charge scenarios are examined in detail. The implications of the upper voltage bound, ambient temperature, and cooling convection resistance to the optimization outcome are investigated as well.

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