The internet of things is a novel concept with many applications, one of them is the management of energy in smart power systems, which is known as the Internet of Energy (IoE). This research presents an autonomous system — based on IoE concept — for monitoring and controlling a water supply network using a renewable power generation set formed by a hydrokinetic vertical-axis turbine and a solar panel module. Different sensors that collect water quality and quantity data along with actuator devices are also equipped and interconnected through a low bandwidth Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol. Experimental tests have been carried out under laboratory scale conditions to check the working validity of the energy generating system with the proposed IoE structure in a water flume under low flow velocity conditions. An excellent test loop is available for various predictive maintenance and troubleshooting tasks using a novel IoE philosophy. Two communication tests through the MQTT protocol have been carried out successfully, since all the sensors were able to send the information correctly in real time. The power status of the turbine and batteries have been also monitored. The system was able to send orders to the actuators, which will allow a full control of the operating devices in the remote smart grid locations.

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