This paper describes a pioneering work of practical application of an advanced vortex method in the field of fluid dynamics in sports science. The vortex method developed by the present authors is one of vortex element methods based on the Biot-Savart law, and it is known that the method provides a Lagrangian simulation of unsteady and vortical flows. In this study, in order to examine the applicability of the vortex method, three-dimensional, complex and unsteady flows around an isolated 100 m runner and a ski-jumper were calculated. Basic equations and mathematical treatment of the method are explained in this paper, and calculation conditions and panel data of deforming configuration of the athletes are described. As results of the present study, vortical and unsteady flow features around a runner and a ski-jumper are understood, and unsteady variation of aerodynamic forces corresponding to deformation of body configuration due to athletic motion are calculated. And, it is confirmed that the advanced vortex element method is a promising way to a grid-free Lagrangian large eddy simulation of unsteady and complex flows around dynamic bodies of athletes.

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