In mid-’98 it was decided to develop a new high efficiency version of the very successful MS5002 (GE Frame 5 two-shaft), to satisfy the most recent Customer requirements in terms of fuel consumption and environmental impact.

The machine was conceived considering different markets, primarily mechanical drive, but also non-Oil&Gas power generation.

Power class is 30 MW, pressure ratio is 17:1, simple cycle efficiency is over 36% and combined cycle efficiency approximately 51%.

The new model retains features that contributed to the success of its predecessors. The main ones are the full heavy-duty concept for on-site maintenance, the moderate firing temperature (compared with state of the art) for highest reliability, the two-shaft design with free power turbine for mechanical drive use, the high heat recovery capability.

Achievement of high cycle efficiency with low firing temperature is possible thanks the advanced tools used for the definition, design and optimization of airfoils, clearances, leakages and distribution of cooling flows. Aero-thermal design was largely based on state of the art 3D CFD and on sophisticated airfoil cooling techniques of the same type extensively used in aircraft engine development.

The dry-low-emissions combustion system design is derived from the GEPS DLN2.6.

A thorough testing program, including the full-scale test of the axial compressor and a full load prototype test, is planned to support development and to validate the design.

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