This aims to put the fruits of the R&D; “The Hydrogen Combustion Turbine” in WE-NET Phase I Program(1993-1998) to practical use at an early stage. The topping regenerating cycle was selected as the optimum cycle, with energy efficiency expected to be more than 60%(HHV) under the conditions of the turbine inlet temperature of 1973K(1700°C) and the pressure of 4.8MPa,in it.

• As the turbine inlet temperature and pressure increase, issues to be resolved include the amount of NOx emissions and the durability of super alloys for turbine blades under such thermal conditions. In this respect, the development of the highly efficient methane-oxygen combustion technology, the turbine blade cooling technology, and the ultrahigh-temperature materials including thermal barrier coatings is being carried out.

• In 1999, the results made it clear that there are little error among the three analytic programs used to verify the system efficiency, it was verified that the burning rate was going to arrive at over 98% from the methane-oxygen combustion test (under the atmospheric pressure). And the type of vane “Film cooling plus recycle type with internal cooling system” was selected as the most suitable vane.

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