The noise radiation from industrial ventilation fans becomes one of the key points during design process, and reducing the noise level is the effort of all investigations. Recently, the trailing edge blowing (TEB) technique is used in the field of aeroengines and multistage turbo machines, which is used to reduce the interaction between wake and blade rows to improve the aeroacoustic performance of the rotating machines. In this paper the TEB technique is employed in the low speed ventilation fan with upstream stator. How to reduce blade passing frequency (BPF) noise and total noise level was investigated with experimental measurements and noise prediction based on CFD simulation flow filed. Based on the experimental measurements and noise predictions, the inlet flow of the low speed rotor is the main noise source for noise radiation. With TEB wake management and TEB up to the momentumless wake, the inlet flow for rotor was more uniform and shed wake from the rotor blades was weaken. The noise level from the fans was reduced.

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