To understand the mechanism of interfacial damping of axial loosely assembled dovetail to suppress blade vibration, a dry friction force model is presented by the Coulomb friction law and the macroslip model, and the mathematical expression of the friction force is derived. The nonlinear friction force is linearized as an equivalent stiffness and an equivalent damping through the one-term harmonic balance method. The effect of centrifugal force on the equivalent stiffness and the equivalent damping is studied. The forced response of one simplified blade with loosely assembled dovetail attachment is predicted by the harmonic balance method, in which the blade is described by the lumped mass and spring model, and the friction contact joints is simplified as a ideal friction damper. The results show that the equivalent stiffness of loosely assembled dovetail attachment increases with blade centrifugal force, gradually reaches a certain value, and there exists the maximum value for the equivalent stiffness. The equivalent damping increases at the beginning and then decreases with blade centrifugal force increasing, there exists a maximum too. The resonant frequency of blade rises with blade centrifugal force, but it no longer increases when the centrifugal force exceed a certain value. There exists a special centrifugal force on which the effect of dry friction damping is the best.

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