The MS5002E is a 32 MW-class, two-shaft gas turbine suitable for both mechanical and generator drive applications. Its design, based on the latest heavy-duty gas turbine technology, delivers 36% of thermal efficiency and maintains NOx emissions below 25 ppm. After an extensive validation program performed on the First Engine to Test (FETT), the first production unit was shipped to the Yara fertilizer company for its ammonia and nitrate fertilizer plant at Sluiskil in the Netherlands. Yara is the world’s largest supplier of crop nutrients, with sales to more than 120 countries. The unit entered into commercial operation on November 2007, supporting Yara in meeting its environmental plan by replacing an existing, less efficient gas turbine. The engine is operated in generator drive mode, producing 30+ MW of electric power and 50 tons per hour of steam, which is used in the plant process. As of this writing, the unit has exceeded 18,000 hours of continuous service. The performance results and reliability are unusually high for a new machine. This article reports the experience accumulated on the gas turbine during field operations, based both on the day-by-day activity (condition monitoring) and on the special introductory inspection program carried on to date. The improvements already introduced and being introduced on subsequent fleet units are discussed as well. The day-by-day monitoring is supported by an extensive quantity of data collected from the machine and sent via Internet connection to the GE Oil&Gas Remote Monitoring & Diagnostic Center in Florence.

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