A kind of novel casing treatment is proposed to realize stall margin enhancement by suppressing stall precursor in turbomachinery. In view of its different configuration and mechanism, such casing treatment is named as stall precursor-suppressed casing treatment in the present work, or SPS casing treatment for short. In the present work, the experiments of SPS casing treatment are conducted in a transonic compressor J69 Rotor/Stage. The SPS casing treatment which consists of a backchamber and a perforated plate is designed according to a proposed theoretical model. It is noted that the open area ratio of the casing treatment is only 4–12%, which is much smaller than traditional casing treatments with over 50% open area ratio. The tests show that the SPS casing treatment can improve the stall margin by 8–12% for J69 Rotor, and 4–12% for J69 Stage. Meanwhile, the mechanism of stall margin improvement with such casing treatment will be revealed in this investigation. Comparing with the evolution of the precursors without casing treatments, the propagation of the stall inception waves will be suppressed and the non-linear development of the stall process will be delayed under the casing treatment case.

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