The paper is a preliminary methodology research of the aerodynamic redesign of a 5-stage axial compressor by re-stagger and bow with multistage CFD methods, with the purpose of developing the next upgrade version of this type of compressor. Prior to aerodynamic redesign, the validation study is carried out for overall performance, casing static pressure and spanwise total pressure profiles based on full-scale test data, proving that the multistage CFD applied is a relatively reliable tool for the analysis of the follow-up redesigning. Furthermore, at the near stall point, aerodynamic analysis demonstrates that significant separation exits in the last stator, which leads to the aerodynamic redesign focused on the last stator.

To explore the potential of aerodynamic improvement, it is focused on the aerodynamic redesign by re-stagger and bow. Multi-stage CFD methods are applied in the whole redesign process. Two steps of redesigning are applied for aerodynamic optimization. Upgrade 1 by re-stagger is used to adjust the operating points to more reasonable region, which contributes about 9 percent stall margin increase. Based on upgrade 1, an unconventional asymmetric bow configure is employed in upgrade 2 to reduce the high loss region dominated by mainstream. The redesigning exploitation by re-stagger and bow in this research produces a total 16% increase in stall margin.

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