A cyber-physical fluidized bed-chemical looping reactor (FB-CLR) is proposed to observe and control the multiphase flow behavior and improve process operations, stability, and performance. The cyber-physical observer (CPO) provides an opportunity to probe a duplicate, or mirrored, non-reacting, multiphase flow system in real-time and provide response data not available from the hot reacting system in order to control the hot unit. A control strategy was developed to share and integrate this information between to the two systems. During test operations the data from the shifting inventory of granular particles in the cold flow unit will be used to control some of the valves controlling the gas flow paths in the hot unit. Taken in conjunction with the inlet flows, temperatures, and pressures in the hot unit a control system is proposed to balance the exhaust flow through the various gas outlets of the different vessels. System identification studies are needed to characterize the process delays, time constants, and interactions between control parameters.

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