An experimental study on local flow boiling heat transfer performance in two longitudinal dimple-grooved tubes and an equivalent smooth tube was performed. All three test cooper tubes have the same inner diameter of 11.5 mm; the working fluid is the near-azeotropic mixture, R410A; and all test runs are conducted in a 2 m long horizontal tube-in-tube heat exchanger. Constant evaporation temperature at 10 °C was maintained when heat flux ranging from 32 kW/m2 to 37 kW/m2 and refrigerant quality varied from inlet 0.1 to outlet 0.9 at mass flux 150 kg/(m2 s). The local heat transfer coefficients were obtained for all test conditions using refrigerant R410A. The test results for evaporation were presented compared to the equivalent smooth tube. Wall temperature and local and average heat flux is measured; heat flux effect and surface superheat effect is discussed on the tube side evaporation. The enhanced heat transfer area of two longitudinal dimple-grooved tubes are 1.02 and 1.03, respectively.

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