An integrated Ingress-of-Coolant Event (ICE) test facility was constructed to demonstrate that the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) safety design approach and design parameters for the ICE are adequate. Major objectives of the integrated ICE test facility are to estimate the performance of an integrated pressure suppression system and obtain the validation data for safety analysis codes for fusion reactors. The integrated ICE test facility simulates the current ITER components with a scaling factor of 1/1600. The modified Transient Reactor Analysis Code (TRAC) is used to verify the integrated ICE test results and clarify quantitatively the two-phase flow behavior in ITER during the ICE. From the results of the present study the effectiveness of the ITER pressure suppression system was verified experimentally, and then, water-vapor flow configurations in ITER at the ICE were visualized numerically by the three-dimensional computations using the modified TRAC.

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