This study presents a predictive thermal-hydraulic analysis with packed spheres in a nuclear gas-cooled reactor core. The predictive analysis considering the effects of high power density and the some porosity value were applied as a design condition for an Ultra High Temperature Reactor (UHTR). The thermal-hydraulic computer code was developed and identified as PEBTEMP. The highest outlet coolant temperature of 1316 °C was achieved in the case of an UHTREX at LASL, which was a small scale UHTR using hollow-rod as a fuel element. In the present study, the fuel was changed to a pebble type, a porous media. Several calculation based on HTGR-GT300 through GT600 were 4.8 w/cm3 through 9.6 w/cm3 respectively. As a result, the relation between the fuel temperature and the power density was obtained under the different system pressure and coolant outlet temperature. Finally, available design conditions are selected.

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