The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of yield strength ratios and damping values on the nonlinear response of Single Degree of Freedom Systems (S.D.F.S) subjected to earthquake ground motion. A stochastic approach to constructing design response spectra and period dependent strength reduction factors for current existing nonlinear design spectra is then proposed. Non-stationary stochastic models are adopted to characterize earthquake ground motion. Twenty simulated earthquakes accelerograms are generated for each of eight historical events using Autoregressive Moving Average (ARMA) techniques. The average of nonlinear response spectra for a given Structural period from a sample of twenty records for each event are calculated to obtain the response spectra. These response spectra are used to examine the effects of structural strength factors such as the yield strength ratio and damping value, and the effects of nonlinear stiffness models including the elastoplasic model, a stiffness degrading model and a stiffness softening model.

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