In some scenarios of severe accidents, the core materials melt and fall into a water pool in the lower plenum as a jet. The molten material jet is broken up, and heat transfer between molten material and coolant occurs. The aim of this study is to clarify the behavior of liquid jet falling into a shallow pool. In a previous study, it is clarified that, in a shallow pool, the jet spread radially after bottoming, and the atomization occurs with high flow velocity in a shallow pool. the detail of atomization and the spreading of the jet cannot be measured by the limitation of a 2D visualization method.

In this study, a 3D-LIF method is used to obtain the detail 3D shape data of the jet. The 3D visualization of the jet is conducted. Using 3D shape data, the liquid film and the atomized droplet are measured. The initial jet velocity is selected as a parameter. As a result, following knowledge is obtained. The thickness of liquid film increases suddenly, and the radius of thin liquid flow increases with the increase of the initial jet velocity. The number of atomized droplets increases with the increase of the initial jet velocity. However, the size of the droplets are not influenced by the initial jet velocity.

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