A fast reactor is one of recommended candidates of Generation IV nuclear energy systems, which would meet wide requirements such as sustainability, safety and economics for nuclear energy development. To be the China’s first fast reactor, China Experimental Fast Reactor (CEFR) typical technical options are following: 65 MW thermal power and 20 MW electric power, three circuits of sodium-sodium-water, integrated pool type structure for the primary circuit.

To establish modular simulation system for sodium fast reactor, the code which simulated the thermal-hydraulic behavior of primary circuit was developed. The physical models include reactor core, reactor vessel cooling channel, pumps, protection vessel, intermediate heat exchangers, ionization chamber cooling channel, cold sodium pool, hot sodium pool, inlet plenum, and pipes, etc. The code could compute coolant pressures, flow rates, and temperatures in the primary circuit. This module was designed for analysis of a wide range of transients. Although based on CEFR, it can treat an arbitrary arrangement of components.

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