The levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) has been performed to compare two fuel cycle scenarios: a once-through cycle (LWR OT) and a fusion Cdriven reactor, namely FDS-SFB, recycling employing PUREX (Purex-SFB). In order to estimate the LCOEs, the mass flows based on an equilibrium mode were analysed. The sensitivity of the results to variations in key parameters was also performed. A simple dynamic model was also constructed to consider other important factors that characterize a fuel cycle, e.g. resource utilization, environmental effects.

The results of economics are as flows: LWR OT 29mills/KWh, Purex-SFB 48.19mills/KWh. It was found that the capital cost accounts for the largest proportion of the LCOEs. The fuel cycle cost analysis indicates that the FDS-SFB fuel cycle cost will be competitive with the once-through fuel cycle. Also, sensitivity analysis indicates that fuel cycle cost of LWR would be higher than that of the LWR-SFB fuel cycle with the uranium Price rising. Dynamic model analysis indicates that Purex-SFB could reduce the amounts of MA and the amounts of natural uranium considerably compared with LWR OT.

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