In the System Based Code (SBC), a reliability target is defined according to the importance of components (risk and/or failure probability), and the grade of material, design, manufacture and maintenance are chosen to satisfy the reliability target. Therefore, a reliability assessment of the components plays an important role in the concept of SBC. In the reliability assessment guidelines of SBC under development in JSME, the Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) method and the Monte Carlo method will be applied to reliability assessment. Along with a development plan of the SBC, examination of the target reliability according to the importance of components and preparation of the LRFD methods and assessment of partial safety factor for some failure modes are underway. Until now, the LRFD methods have been developed for burst due to internal pressure, plastic collapse due to membrane and bending stress, fatigue, plastic collapse of a pipe having a circumferential crack, and buckling of a thin wall cylinder. This paper describes the action plans for the development of the reliability assessment methods and examination results till date.

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