Liquid lead or lead-based alloy is a potential candidate coolant for fast reactors and ADS subcritical reactors because of its many unique nuclear, thermal-physical and chemical attributes. Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) had launched an engineering project to develop ADS system and lead-based reactors. Series CLEAR reactor conceptual designs were finished, and the preliminary engineering design for the China Lead-based research reactor (CLEAR-I) was underway. The key components prototypes for engineering validation including the control rod drive system, refueling system, fuel assembly have been constructed, the validation experiment are carrying out. KYLIN series PbBi experimental loops has already been built to perform structure material corrosion experiment, thermal-hydraulics experiment and safety experiment for CLEAR series reactors. The highly intensified neutron generator HINEG will be constructed to take the benchmark experiment of neutronics simulation codes. In this paper, the design and R&D progress are presented.

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