When fast reactor is operation, because of scouring by high pressure liquid coolant in fuel assembly, there are a lot of products in coolant channel. Using FLUENT software simulate deposition of insoluble particle in fast reactor. Using standard k-ε model predict flow field and turbulence intensity of fluid phase. Using discrete phase model track the trajectory of insoluble particle. The following are simulation results. Fuel cladding deposits lots of insoluble particle, but the concentration of insoluble particle is lower at the central of coolant; Entrance section of the insoluble particle concentration is higher than exit section; Dot deposition of insoluble particle at outlet of fuel cladding will lead to pitting phenomenon, pitting will cause deterioration of heat transfer and destroy the integrity of cladding. In view of deposition law of insoluble particle and characteristic of fuel assembly, mitigation measures of cleaning insoluble particle at fixed time and fixed position are being proposed.

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