This paper describes the outline and development plan for “Advanced Reactor Knowledge- and AI-aided Design Integration Approach through the whole plant lifecycle (ARKADIA),” which the Japan Atomic Energy Agency has begun developing for the purpose of transforming advanced nuclear reactor design to meet expectations of a safe, economic, and sustainable carbon-free energy source. ARKADIA will realize artificial intelligence (AI)-aided integrated numerical analysis to offer the best possible solutions for any challenge that could arise in the design and operation of a nuclear plant, including optimization of safety equipment as well as structures, systems, and components. State-of-the-art numerical simulation technologies and a knowledge base that stores data and insights from past nuclear reactor development projects and R&D are integrated with AI. In the first phase of development, ARKADIA-Design and ARKADIA-Safety will be constructed individually, with the first target of a sodium-cooled reactor. In a subsequent phase, everything will be integrated into a single entity that is technology inclusive and applicable not only to advanced rectors with a variety of concepts, coolants, configurations, and output levels but also to existing light-water reactors.

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