This paper presents a new viewpoint about structural composition of planar kinematic chains: single-opened-chains, which is composed of binary links, are regarded as basic structural units of mechanisms. The constraint characteristics (the constraint factors, Δj) of single opened chains and the constraint characteristics (the coupled degree κ and the κ-algorithm) of mechanical networks are presented. Thus a kinematic chain with v independent loops is regarded to be composed of one basic link and v single-opened-chains in regular sequence.

Based on the ordered single-opened-chains and the topological constraints characteristics of mechanisms, a powerful new method for structural synthesis of planar kinematic chains with plane and nonplane linear graphs has been developed. This permits the development of a highly efficient and completely automatic program for the computer-generated enumeration of structural types of mechanisms. The method is illustrated by applying to the case of kinematic chains with up to six independent loops on a personal computer.

The ordered single-opened-chains and the topological characteristics are used for setting up a new unified model for structics, kinematics and dynamics of planar mechanisms.

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