A method for the determination of load sharing between the instantaneously engaged worm threads and gear teeth, for the calculation of load distribution along the teeth and transmission errors in different types of cylindrical worm gears is presented. The method covers both cases — that of the theoretical line and point contact. The bending and shearing deflections of worm thread and gear tooth, the local contact deformations of the mating surfaces, the axial deformations of worm body, gear body bending and torsion, deflections of the supporting shafts, and the manufacturing and alignment errors of worm and gear are included. Based on the real load distribution the tooth contact pressure is calculated, in the case of point contact in two different ways, and the obtained results are compared. Also, the total transmission error, consisting of the kinematical transmission error due to the mismatch of the worm gear drive and of the transmission error caused by the deflections of worm thread and gear teeth, is calculated. The method is implemented by a computer program. By using this program the influence of the type of worm gear drive and of design and manufacturing parameters on load distribution and transmission errors is investigated and discussed.

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