This paper considers the fractional order proportional derivative (FOPD) controller and fractional order [proportional derivative] (FO[PD]) controller for networked position servo systems. The systematic design schemes of the networked position servo system with a time delay are presented. It follows from the Bode plot of the FOPD system and the FO[PD] that the given gain crossover frequency and phase margin are fulfilled. Moreover, the phase derivative w.r.t. the frequency is zero, which means that the closed-loop system is robust to gain variations at the given gain crossover frequency. However, sometimes we can not get the controller parameters to meet our robustness requirement. In this paper, we have studied on this situation and presented the requirement of the gain cross frequency, and phase margin in the designing process. For the comparison of fractional order controllers with traditional integer order controller, the integer order proportional integral differential (IOPID) was also designed by using the same proposed method. The simulation results have verified that FOPD and FO[PD] are effective for networked position servo. The simulation results also reveal that both FOPD controller and FO[PD] controller outperform IO-PID controller for this type of system.

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