Condition monitoring of bearings has been a major research topic for more than five decades. To validate and improve the condition monitoring techniques, this paper focuses on the development of an innovative and versatile bearing test rig. The rig allows applying a fully controlled multi-axial static and dynamic load on different types and sizes of bearings. Easy adjustment to mount bearings with different inner diameter, outer diameter and width is possible, without compromising on performance. Furthermore, the behaviour of the bearing is monitored by accelerometers, proximity probes and thermocouples. During the design of the rig, several techniques were applied to ensure clean measurements, with maximum repeatability, and to reduce errors due to temperature variations. Finally, introducing an additional dynamic force on the bearing makes it possible to load the bearing as if it were built into a real machine, for example a gearbox. At the time this paper is written, results of the test rig were not yet available. However, the authors expect to be able to report on the first test results during the conference.

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