The effects of the strain rate sensitivity on the stress propagations of bonded shrink fitted joint, in which a ring is fitted using an adhesive layer at the middle part of a shaft, subjected to impact push-off loadings are examined. The plastic flow deformation behaviors of structural adhesive under some strain rates are examined experimentally. In addition, the stress wave propagations in the joint are analyzed using finite element method (FEM). The experimental results show that the yield stress of the adhesive increases as the strain rate increases nonlinearly. It is observed that the maximum equivalent von Mises stress occurs in the adhesive layer at the upper interfaces, which causes the rupture of the joint based on the numerical calculations. Furthermore, the strain responses obtained from numerical and experimental methods are compared with each other. A fairly good agreement is obtained between FEM calculations and experiments. In addition, the joint strength is predicted by impact energy using experimental results, which is about 20.85 J in the present study.

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