Synchronous joints are an important part of the SAR antenna deployment mechanism. They are the key to the synchronized deployment of antenna. By means of mechanism combination and deformation, a new type of synchronous joint with a precise cable drive system is designed in order to meet the requirements of SAR antenna deployment mechanism. This study mainly focuses on the design of the synchronous joint, including the system design and the precise cable drive system design. By applying a preload to the drive cable, the transmission gap is reduced, and the accuracy and efficiency of transmission are improved.

This paper focuses on the theoretical calculation and analysis of the preload and system stiffness of the precise cable drive system. Based on the Euler equation of the flexible friction drive, the stiffness formula of the cable drive system is derived. In addition, the main design parameters affecting the stiffness of the cable drive system are analyzed parametrically.

The comparison between the results obtained from the system stiffness experiment and the theoretical calculation result indicates that the experimental values are slightly smaller than the theoretical values, and the trend of change is basically consistent. This experiment therefore verifies the validity of the stiffness calculation formula and theoretical analysis.

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