This paper considers combined heat and power (CHP) systems based on topping cycles only, in which electricity is generated by a prime mover and heat is then recovered from the exhaust and utilized to offset all or a portion of the facility’s process and/or space heating requirements.. The objective of this paper is to develop a methodology to perform a topping cycle CHP assessment and feasibility study for industrial manufacturing facilities. In order to determine the best and most viable option for the facility in question, the proposed methodology can be used to size different systems which utilize diverse technologies and fuel sources, perform an economic analysis of each proposed option, and then compare the benefits and setbacks of each type of CHP system considered. The calculations performed in the economic analysis will then provide a broad insight as to which proposed system will show the best payback if installed. Examples are presented in this paper that describe in detail the application of this methodology, from equipment selection and sizing through economic analyses and proposed system comparisons, which is recommended for use in order to determine the most economically feasible CHP system for an industrial manufacturing facility.

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