In recent years, a gear named Space Curve Meshing Wheel (SCMW) has been invented based on the meshing theory of space curves instead of classic space surfaces. Well improved in many aspects after its invention, it has been applied within the Space Curve Meshing Reducer (SCMR).

The design method of an invention named polyhedral SCMR is presented in this paper. With single input shaft and multiple output shafts, this SCMR has advantages like compact structure, flexible design and low cost. It is characterized by the application of the SCMW group containing one driving wheel and several driven wheels, whose rotation axes are concurrent at a point and radiate in polyhedral directions. A SCMW group can form a single-stage SCMR, while SCMW groups connected can form a multiple-stage SCMR. In this paper, geometric parameters of the polyhedral SCMR are defined, design formulas are derived, and an example is provided to illustrate the design process.

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