As ultra-precision index of high-precision ball bearings, the value of non-repetitive run-out (NRRO) directly influences the rotation accuracy in complex mechanical system. Reducing NRRO contributes to improve the quality of manufacturing in machining tools. This paper developed a new high-precision bearing measuring system to analyze the NRRO of an angular contact ball bearing caused by geometrical errors of bearings’ parts. The characteristic of measuring system as follows:

(1) The air-bearing spindle that is drive by servomotor is used to support the test bearing to ensure the system accuracy and continuously variable;

(2) The air-bearing of flat is used to load of non-contact on the test bearing along axial direction for simulation conditions of bearings;

(3) The multi-capacitive displacement sensors are used to measure run-out of the air-bearing spindle vibration of the radial direction, then the run-out is separated as system error;

(4) The NRRO of axial and radial directions caused by geometrical errors of the rings raceways and the balls could be analyzed.

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