Micro-electrical discharge machining (EDM) milling with a simple-shaped electrode is an effective machining method to fabricate three-dimensional micro parts and micro structures. However, the serious electrode wear occurring in the machining process significantly deteriorates the geometrical accuracy of the products. Fix-length compensation method is a real-time and effective electrode compensation method. During the EDM process with fix-length compensation, the bottom of cylindrical electrode trends to be conical shape. The formation process of conical electrode is illustrated by experiments and analysis. Once the cone angle of the electrode is formed, the angle of conical electrode keeps stable. Further experiments reveal the relationship between the cone angle and the layer thickness. The experiment results are in accordance with theoretical results, which provide theoretical reference for ED-milling compensation. The wear model based on fix-length compensation method with conical electrode is established and the corresponding arithmetic of compensation length is derived. Experiments show that the arithmetic equation about compensation length has high accuracy. A demonstration cavity is machined with this compensation method. The effectiveness of this compensation method is verified.

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