Effects of sizing and surface modification on flexural properties of carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites have been investigated. Carbon fiber was desized using three types of treatments, namely heat, acetone, and acetone-acid. In addition, these fibers were coated with three different types of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS) molecule. Composite panels were fabricated using the vacuum assisted resin transfer molding and samples were tested in flexure. Scanning electron microscopy analysis was performed to investigate the surface morphology and failure mechanisms. It was found that removal of sizing significantly reduced the flexural strength. About 19% and 29% reduction of flexural strength was reported for acetone treatment and heat treatment, respectively. Composites with POSS coated fibers showed improved properties, except for the heat treated fibers. Among POSS molecules investigated, the S10455 was found to be the best for improving the flexural properties of carbon fiber composites.

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