In this paper the Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) was used to investigate gas flow in nano-channels, the critical region beyond which indefinite slip motion occurs in this channel and its effect on the deduced permeability. We defined a parallel-bounded planar two-dimensional domain for our simulation and calculated the system velocity profile.

Numerical conformity was achieved when compared with the Hagen-Poiseuille’s equation. Good agreement was also established between the simulation and existing models reported in literature. A closer look at the region of full slip motion was also done and we observed that above a critical slip coefficient, a sudden significant increase in slip motion sets-in indefinitely with respect to the system time scale.

The results indicate that when the LBM is used in gas flow simulation in nano-channels, if the slip effect is increased there is an effective increase in the fluid velocity and this affects the deduced permeability.

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