This paper reports the experimental and numerical studies on the effects of rotating speed and blowing ratio on the film cooling performance of the hole near the leading edge on the suction side of the turbine blade. The chord and height of the blade are 60mm and 80mm respectively. The film hole with diameter of 0.8mm is located in the mid span on the suction side at axial location of 8%. The injection angle of the hole is 45° to the suction surface of the blade and is nearly perpendicular to the axial direction. Both experimental and numerical studies were carried out with rotating speeds of 300rpm, 450rpm and 600rpm, and with blowing ratios of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0. CO2 was used as the coolant. Experimental data was measured by applying the Thermochromic Liquid Crystal (TLC) technique and the Stroboscopic Imaging Technique. Mainstream and coolant were heated to 308K and 318K respectively. Numerical studies were performed to assist the analysis of the experimental results. The SST turbulence model was applied in the simulations. Results show that the film cooling performance of the hole near the leading edge is different from that of the hole further downstream on the suction side. This is because the direction of the jet is nearly perpendicular to the axial direction, which increases the effect of the Coriolis force. Besides, the mainstream from leading edge also has effects on film cooling performance. With the increase of the blowing ratio, the film coverage area and spatially averaged film cooling effectiveness increase first and then decrease. The maximum film coverage and averaged film cooling effectiveness appear at blowing ratio of 1.0 and rotating speed of 300rpm. Moreover, the upward deflection angle of the film trajectory increases slightly with the increase of the blowing ratio. Higher rotating speed intensifies the deflection of the film trajectory. Therefore, the film coverage and the averaged film cooling effectiveness decrease rapidly.

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