Servo press is a manufacturing machine that usually works under impact loads. Flywheel battery is an energy storage device that has been widely studied in recent years. In this paper, a flywheel battery system for servo press energy compensation was put forward. In considering the efficiency and structure robustness, the flux switching permanent magnet (FSPM) motor is appropriate for flywheel battery as energy conversion device. In this study, the flywheel battery structure and working principle were first described. Then the motor characters were analyzed by FEM. After that, a simply initiative power control strategy was introduced for the flywheel battery. Finally, the prototype of flywheel battery with FSPM motor was made and connected to a servo press’s motor driver. The experiments were taken with and without the flywheel battery respectively. The experiment results proved that the flywheel battery could compensate a certain of DC link voltage loss during the press stamping process. That makes the servo press’s driven motor has a more stable power source and reduces the electrical shock to other equipment. In conclusion, the flywheel battery with FSPM motor is an effective energy storage system for servo press. It is believed that with the miniaturization and simplification of flywheel battery, the flywheel battery will be more general in impact load devices.

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