With an ever-changing climate, the decline in the bee population is forcing humans to find supplemental ways to pollinate. A mechanical substitute for a bee needs to be as efficient or better than bee pollination since it will require one person to do the work of many bees. Pollinating one flower at a time would be too time consuming to be effective, so a drone mounted pollen distribution device is the best direction to go to solve this problem. This is a game changing design to prevent a lack of food-producing plant growth as the bee population decreases over time. The design is a low-cost alternative that can be adjusted to meet the consumer needs based on the type of pollination. This design is easy to manufacture en masse due to its simplicity. The design and operation have been optimized using stress, torque, and safety factor analyses to ensure that the product can withstand the loads applied during operation.

This drone pollinator will have the ability to work for various drone types and plant pollens. With the use of commercial drones, the ability to distribute pollen to a large orchard or forested area will allow humans to supplement bee pollination on a large scale in the farming and forest conservation industries.

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