An advanced vortex method with moving boundary condition is applied to the simulation of freely oscillating circular cylinder in a uniform flow at high Reynolds number in order to investigate validity and applicability to the analysis of the flow induced vibration problems. The motion of a circular cylinder is calculated from the motion of equation consisting of the damper c, mass m par unit length, natural frequency fn and fluid force acting on the cylinder. The fluid force is evaluated by solving pressure-Poisson equation using the boundary element method. The calculation conditions are given as the Reynolds number Re (= UD/v) = 105, damper c/2πmfn = 1.53 × 10−2, natural frequency fn/fK = 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, mass ratio m/ρD = 5.15, where D, U, ρ and fK are the diameter of circular cylinder, reference velocity, density of the flow and the frequency of Karman vortex shedding from a fixed cylinder, respectively. The computational results, such as the flow pattern and motion of a circular cylinder, are in reasonable agreement with experimental results. It is confirmed that the advanced vortex method is useful to predict complex phenomena related to the flow-induced vibration problems.

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