Maintenance procedures conducted on pipelines often require isolation of a section of the line. Valve replacement, tie ins, pipe replacement are a few examples of procedures which normally require the pipeline to be taken out of service and drained down, or solid material stops intrusively applied to the pipeline.

Pipeline isolation tools have been available and applied for many years; these tools required pressure differential or tethered control to activate and deactivate the isolating mechanism. While these tools were applied with success, there was no way to accurately monitor this early generation of tool for performance and determine with reliability whether the tool was properly set. These tools had the capability of performing one task, once the tool had completed its task, it was removed from the pipeline and readied for its next application.

A new isolation tool has been developed and proven for pipeline application and this paper will discuss the Multi-Set Isolation Tool (Iso-Tool), its unique features, development and application.

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