In this work we calculate the transmission coefficients for tunneling of electrons and holes through biased triple barriers (double-wells) semiconductor heterostructures (TBSH’s), composed of Ga1−xAlxAs–GaAs–Ga1−xAlxAs with x = 0.45. The calculations are based on the effective mass theory that employs the spatial effective masses and the temperature dependent of the material parameters that constitute the heterostructure. The transverse motions of carriers are also considered. In the analysis the Airy’s function formalism is taken into account. It is found that, the resonant transmission energies for both electrons and holes are decreased by enhancing the applied voltage. Also, the total resonant transmission energies for the tunneling carriers are deviated toward higher energies, as the temperature is increased. Therefore, these devices should be operated at low temperatures. Furthermore, the present work shows a discrepancy in resonant transmission energies with those reported ones, due to ignoring the effect of temperature.

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