Nanofibers can be used in such fields/applications as medical care, environment protection, apparel, and agriculture. We also believe this field will continue to show fast growth in the next few years. In this paper, we focused an abrasive machining application for oil adsorbing and polishing performances that achieved polymeric nanofiber mass production by a melt blowing method. In the present report, we proposed an oil adsorption physical model and compared experiment results to develop a nanofiber polishing pad. We used this model and calculated the mass ratio of oil to abrasive grains and abrasive size in abrasive machining when the fiber mass and bulk density were constant. For realizing a free-form nano surface, such as a molding die surface, we conducted base experiments with different fiber diameters and grain sizes and compared the base polishing characteristics with commercial felt buff. The polished surface roughness of the workpiece became smaller, and the polishing processes on it were more stable with this new, low cost abrasive material on abrasive machining. We believe that the nanofiber abrasive pad can be used in abrasive machining with oil slurry as a next-generation abrasive material.

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