Although tire/road noise and tire vibration phenomena have been studied for decades, there are still some missing links in the process of accurately predicting and controlling the overall tire/road noise and vibration. An important missing link is represented by the effect of rolling on the dynamic behavior of a tire. Consequently, inside the European seventh framework program, an industry-academia partnership project, named TIRE-DYN, has been founded between KU Leuven, Goodyear and LMS International. By means of experimental and numerical analyses, the effects of rolling on the tire dynamic behavior are quantified.

This paper presents the results of vibration measurements on a rotating tire with an embedded accelerometer. Modal parameters of the rolling tire are estimated from an operational modal analysis. In addition, the dispersion curves, which give detailed insight in the wave propagation behavior of a structure, are analyzed for the rolling tire. The goal of these analyses is to deepen the understanding on the influence of rolling on the tire dynamic behavior.

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