The principal objective with the SmartPipe R&D project is to develop a concept for online monitoring of the technical condition of offshore pipelines and risers, suitable for integration into E-field concepts and integrated process management approaches. This will be achieved by developing and linking different technologies into a system for condition monitoring to enable rapid detection of dangerous situations, optimal use of production facilities and improved safety control. Sub-goals include development of a distributed sensor network, local power supply, communication infrastructure, improve the models for materials degradation and to develop better numerical tools for structural integrity analyses. Parameters to be measured in order to establish a complete condition monitoring system for offshore pipelines have been identified. Based on this, the necessary sensor network and sensor principles are evaluated and adapted. Integration of sensors in the pipe structure, with emphasis on developing concept for packaging to withstand loads introduced during installation and operation is a major challenge. Adequate communication infrastructure and concepts for energy supply are also evaluated. Processing of data retrieved from the sensor network will be realized through a coupling of numerical analysis tools and improved models for materials degradation, reflecting the effects of local conditions and previous load history. The results will be presented through a graphical user interface, allowing for visualization and the possibilities to run simulations regarding future operation.

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