The objective of this study is to propose a new radial flow turbine for wave energy conversion and to clarify its performance by model testing under steady flow condition. The proposed radial turbine has a rotor blade row for unidirectional airflow and two guide vane rows. The guide vane rows are named ‘floating nozzle’ in the study. The guide vane rows slide in an axial direction and work as nozzle in the turbine alternately for bi-directional airflow, so as to rectify bidirectional airflow and to make uni-directional airflow. The radial flow turbine with a diameter of 500mm has been manufactured and investigated experimentally under steady flow condition generated by a wind tunnel using a piston/cylinder system with a diameter of 1.4m. As a result, it has been found in the study that the peak efficiency of the proposed radial turbine is approximately 57% and the rotational speed of this turbine is considerably lower that that of Wells turbine. Further, the effect of nozzle setting angle on the turbine performance was investigated and clarified in the study.

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