The so-called numerical wave tank is to use a mathematical model to simulate the process of making waves and interaction between waves and structures. Shipping water occurs when the wave height exceeds the deck level of a floating vessel. A large amount of seawater flows down onto the deck. It damages deck equipment and causes even submergence. The water on deck is called “Green Water”, and it is dangerous for ships. It is of great significance to analyze and simulate wave and green water phenomenon. This paper developed a three-dimensional numerical wave tank and presented VOF method to deal with the movement with free surface, and then simulated process of wave generation numerically. A two-dimensional numerical simulation of the green water phenomenon of a hull placed in regular wave was performed. The process of wave running up and wave deforming were obtained. The results show that the present numerical scheme and methods can be used to simulate process of wave generation and phenomenon of green water on deck, and to predict and analyze the impact forces between waves and structures due to green water.

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