The bending stiffness response is an important parameter in the lifetime assessment of unbounded flexible risers. Its behavior is governed by interlayer friction mechanisms leading to a non-linear moment x curvature relationship that is highly dependent on the internal pressure. In order to investigate its influence on the critical bend stiffener hang-off region response, a detailed finite element analysis is carried out using a specialized tool for a short segment length of a selected 2.5″ ID riser cross section. Different internal pressures are numerically analyzed and the resulting local hysteretic bending response is then adjusted and directly incorporated into a global dynamic analysis tool that uses an equivalent elasto-plastic formulation with a hardening parameter that controls the behavior of the slippage mechanism. A fully coupled irregular wave dynamic analysis is then carried out and the flexible riser curvature distribution response in the bend stiffener region compared for different bending hysteresis models adopted.

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