Recently turret-Moored FPSOs have been used in many deep water developments worldwide, with consideration of disconnectable turrets for harsh environment applications. This trend makes the interactions between FPSO and risers system more important. Further, Steel Lazy Wave Risers (SLWR), which is a compliant variant of the mostly commonly used Steel Catenary Risers (SCR), is becoming an attractive riser option.

The paper provides a review of the various riser systems that can be considered for turret-moored FPSOs, and specific emphasis on Steel Lazy Wave Risers. A detailed case study of Steel Lazy Wave Risers for a typical turret moored FPSO with disconnectable turret is presented. This system is described in terms of design and functionalities, the fabrication and installation methods are presented. The case study shows clearly that SLWR are an attractive alternative to be used for FPSO with disconnectable turret and is very efficient to fabricate and install in a very cost effective manner.

Pros and Cons for SLWR are discussed, with consideration of the particular challenges of turret-moored FPSOs with large floater motions, hang-off geometry constraints at turret, hang-off loads, riser interferences, risers pre-installation, and turret disconnection constraints.

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