The vertical axis wind turbine has more advantages in the development of the large-scale offshore wind power, on account of that its drive system is placed on the bottom of the turbine and has little influence on the tower. This paper presents a preliminary design of a Spar foundation, which can support a Darrieus vertical axis wind turbine with a generated power of 5 MW. The influences of structure’s parameters of the floating foundation, such as the radius of flotation tank, the radius and height of upper ballast tank, the height of bottom ballast tank and other factors on the motions of the floating wind turbine system are analyzed. The initial structure parameters of the floating foundation are determined, and the hydrodynamic parameters are calculated as well. It is found that the radius of floatation tank and bottom ballast tank have more impact on the Response Amplitude Operators (RAOs) and natural period of heave of the floating foundation. The interval of center of gravity and center of buoyancy and the height of upper ballast tank influence obviously on the RAOs and natural period of pitch of the floating foundation. Heave and pitch motions of the floating foundation designed here are relatively small. The natural periods of heave and pitch of the floating foundation are away from the main wave energy periods.

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