The Flow-Induced Motions (FIM) is an essential topic on multi-column platforms due to the effect on the mooring line fatigue life. Vortex-Induced Motions (VIM) or galloping behavior can be observed for an array of four columns with square sections. The presence of pontoons showed to be important for changing the flow around the array and promote different amplitude behavior of the motions in the transverse direction mainly. This article aims to understand the effect of the presence of two pontoons on the FIM of a semi-submersible platform (SS) with four columns and square sections. Model tests of a floating system supported elastically utilizing four springs were performed in a towing tank. Five different pontoon ratios were tested, namely P/L = 0, 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1.00; where P is the pontoon height, and L is the length of the square column face. The draft condition was kept constant as H/L = 1.5; where H is the draft of the platform. The spacing ratio of the columns was S/L = 4; where S is the distance between column centers. Three incidence angles of the current were carried out, i.e., 0-deg incidence represents the condition in which the two pontoons are aligned to the current, 45-deg incidence represents the non-symmetric condition in which the pontoons are 45 degrees positioned to the current, and 90-deg incidence represents the condition in which the two pontoons are perpendicular to the current. The transverse amplitudes decreased with increasing the pontoon ratio for 0 and 45-deg incidences. On the other hand, the transverse amplitudes increased with increasing the pontoon ratio for 90-deg incidence. The pontoon presence needs to be well investigated to choose the best condition to avoid raising the FIM.

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