Studies about the flow around single column are the preliminary way to understand the behaviour of multi-column systems, e.g. semi-submersible platforms and floating offshore wind turbines. The presence of a rounded edge in a square column can include advantages in the constructive phases, on the other hand, can include difficulty in understanding the hydrodynamic behaviour. With this aim this paper presents a 2dof force measurement for a fixed single square column with and without rounded edges. The columns tested have the aspect ratio (H/L) equal to 1.5 representing the typical column height for multi-column platforms. The aim is to investigate the forces between a single square column with rounded edges and sharp edges in different flow incidence. For both edges a total of seven different current incidence angles were performed; 0, 7.5, 15, 22.5, 30, 37.5 and 45. Reynolds number used for the experiment is equal to 40,000. Additional tests were performed to evaluate a quantitative analysis of the uncertainties due to the repeatability and time length of the experiments. This procedure is necessary for the VV studies of CFD codes, and due to this, the database can be utilized for benchmarking.

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